Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My daughter Jessica called me on my way home from the gym last night. We talked until I got in the door. She was upstairs in her room - I was on the phone with her downstairs. I then told my other daughter, Kelli, to sign off the computer. She told me she was IMing Jessica. I said, "well, you can't say we don't communicate around here."

I have been known to pick up the house phone in the kitchen and call Jessica, who is in her room upstairs, to tell her dinner is ready. I email people at the next desk. I have sent a text message to my husband while we're at the same party. (Of course, that message said "we need to get out of here!" Not exactly something you want the host to hear.)

I remember when my mom yelled for me out the front door. I still do that to my youngest but that's only because she's 8 and doesn't have a phone. Yet.

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