Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Flies...

My, it's been a while since my last post. Of course, no one knows this because apparently no one reads this (according to my site meter).

So, to catch up those of you who read it but don't register on the site meter, the big news is that my husband and are I divorcing. He moved out in September, and we will file after we fill in some blanks in the paperwork.

Am I happy? Kind of. Am I sad? Kind of. Is this weird? Probably. When I tell people, the usual reply is "oh, I'm sorry." I really want to say "don't be, because I'm not." I suppose that may sound callus and unfeeling, but it's really for the best. For everyone involved, not just me.

In the past two months, the stress level in my house has all but diminished. My girls and I get along better, and we spend more time as a family. I know that they hid in their rooms or buried themselves on the computer just to avoid interaction. Or the arguments. I don't blame them. I wished I could sometimes.

He seems to be doing better too. I found out this weekend he's been seeing someone for about a month. I say, good for him.

I guess it's hard for some people to realize that divorce isn't always a bad thing.

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