Friday, October 1, 2010


As I mentioned in a prior post, I will be appearing on the Today Show on Monday, October 4, between 7am and 8am. I’ll be talking about Jessica and Kelli, my work with PursuitSafety and FocusDriven, the changes that have been made since their deaths, the other changes we’d like to see made in the future, and the fundraisers and blood drives and scholarships and whatever else they decide to discuss.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: On Tuesday afternoon around 3:30pm, NBC contacted my attorney, who passed on the information to me. After approximately 900 phone calls, emails, text messages and voice mails, by Wednesday at 11:30am we had finalized my appearance date and time. By 11:45 I was at the mall buying a new outfit. Contrary to popular belief I did not buy new shoes. However, I have a fantastic pair that I barely wore last year.

Am I excited? Hell yes! Am I nervous? Hell yes! I have to be articulate, clear, concise, and make sure I don’t snort, swear, or pass out from fright. Oh, did I mention I’ll be in the studio at 30 Rock in New York City? This is live TV, people. There is no option for “hang on, can I repeat that?” I promise to try my best not to embarrass myself or others.

I have never been to New York City, and although we’ll only be there a short time, we hope to get in some sightseeing while we’re there. Our hotel is near 5th Avenue and I may pass out from shopping overload.

Fashion aside, I am thrilled beyond words to have an opportunity to take this story to a national audience. The chance to introduce Jessica and Kelli to millions of people is overwhelming but also way overdue. Ever since I started my advocacy work, I have wanted to tell the US about what happened to them in hopes that somewhere, someone takes a moment and rethinks their decisions behind the wheel. Even if we save only one life, that’s one family that won’t have to experience the pain, agony, shock and disbelief that we feel, and continue to feel, every day.

So if you can tune in between 7am and 8am on Monday on NBC, please do, or set your DVRs if you have to do that work thing.


Stef said...

Wow! What a wonderful thing for you. How exciting! We will set out DVR.

Danielle said...

That is amazing! It is so great that you/the cause is getting the coverage it needs.

And have a blast in NYC. I was just there in August (and it was my first time too!) if you need any tips!

MamaB said...

I am sending all of my prayers and thoughts your way! I really hope your message is heard loud and clear so maybe just maybe another family will never experience what you have! Good Luck and I hope Matt is your interviewer! ;)

minniemama68 said...

You'll do great!!!! Good luck, break a leg and all that jazz!!!

Nancy R said...

I See you! You're on in a bit. Good luck!

It's taken me 100 years to login from my phone- you girls were GREAT!

Lisa said...

I missed it! Little boy had a hard time getting out of bed/ready for school and missed the bus. Will there be a video we can watch?

SA said...

I just watched it online and you were amazing and honestly something that will stick with me for a very long time. Really great job!!

Cricky said...

Just watched it online. You were every thing I wish to be in a public speaker. Maddie - you looked AMAZING girl!
Can I get a "Hellz Yeah!" for taking Jessica and Kelli's story out to the ENTIRE world!?!?!
I pray every time I hear Mitchell's name that they are going to say he's going to prison.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh Kim,
I missed it but it was the first news thing on my AOL news feed and saw the entire interview on the web. You did awesome for the girls. I hope you had a good time in NYC with Madelyn. It is a great place. Carla

Susan said...

Hi Kim, I follow you as often as I can. Your interview was very good. Good choice on the outfit. And your Maddy did a great job too. Sending positive thoughts your way.