Monday, January 24, 2011

Turn The Page

Last night I was finally able to sit down and read my book that I last laid eyes on over a week ago. After last week's bombshell, it was a merry-go-round of spreading the news to family and friends, holding a press conference* to give our reaction, and also managing to fit in the day to day business of going to work, doing laundry, getting Maddy to basketball practice, and shovelling out from under a foot of snow.

The past few days have been pretty damn hectic but in a good way. I'm still in a bit of a shock that it's Really Almost Over. The huge hurdle of getting the decision has been cleared, and now we have to wait, again, but this time we have a better timeline by which things should end.

Of course, I am still using the words "wait," "should" and "timeline" since there is no specific date I can circle on the calendar in hot pink as something to look forward to. We've been told the paperwork to appropriate the award has been submitted to the legislature for their Spring 2011 session, and that it is usually paid out in late summer/early fall. But after almost a year of having no deadline whatsoever, vague generalities are a refreshing change.

In the meantime, I'm making my lists. All the ideas and plans I've been kicking around for the past three-plus years will finally have a chance to become reality. The scholarships, the foundation, the crusade to raise public awareness, the ability to tell my story to officers and first-responders from around the country - I can do this now.

Speaking of speaking - my first opportunity to address officers outside my metropolitan area will be next month. I was contacted by the Nevada Department of Public Safety shortly after my Today Show appearance, and I'll be travelling to Reno in February to address not only recruits, but also career officers. I was also recently contacted by an officer in Dallas, and hopefully I can work with their organization in the near future.

I'm starting a new chapter in my book of living, and I'm pretty damn excited about it.

*If you would like to watch my 2-minute press conference, click here.


Frogdancer said...

I'm glad that the court proceedings are all over.

Much love.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I love you so much, Kim!

Gregg said...

If anyone in the world can make all this work for good, it's you!

Terra said...

I don't comment very often, Kim, but I lurk, wondering about you and your family - I'm so glad for you. You're a remarkable woman and I hope you will start a new chapter, but never close the book.

God bless you. You are doing so many good things.

MamaB said...

I hope only good things come to you and your family from here on out! After going through the ringer it was damn time something went your way! I'm excited that you are still going to Reno!! Let me know if you need recommendations for places to see, eat or stay!