Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck O'The Irish

On this gorgeous St. Paddy's Day (sunny with a high of 75 today!), I consider myself very lucky in so many ways.

I get to wake up my little red-headed Irish girl in the mornings, and then instead of rushing off to beat the traffic, I can make her a yummy hot breakfast and enjoy it with her.

I am able to travel to law enforcement departments to tell them about Jessica and Kelli in hopes of saving lives in the future. Although Maddy wasn't able to go to Nevada with us, she did get to go to a conference that was held closer to home. We had actually stayed at that hotel before when Kelli did cheerleading competitions, and Maddy loved the pool.

But these are my three greatest lucky charms of all.


Hope said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Christina said...

my boyfriend is in the academy @ SWIC and recently heard you speak to the group, he said its very eye opening, your story, and that you are a strong women, I know your girls are proud of you...keep it up!

MP said...

Maddy looks more and more like you every time you post a picture of her.. she's so beautiful.. (and smart)

Don said...

How was the trip to NV? I see you made it to Tahoe! What did you think? So glad you can be home with Maddy but also do invaluable work!