Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pics or It Didn't Happen

**I have sooooo much to report but between being sick, other developments and that work thing, I haven't had a chance to put it all together in a coherent manner. Stay tuned!**

On Monday we went out for a family Valentine's Day dinner. Since the weather was finally decent, and because it was a special occasion, I asked Maddy to wear her skirt. You know, the one she last wore on the first day of school back in August? Six months ago?

Even though we were on the phone I could hear her rolling her eyes. I swear, getting that kid to wear something other than t-shirts and running pants is like pulling teeth. I know, I know, it could be worse - she could be wearing skirts that show her whooda-whadda and tight shirts that show the outline of her belly button. But honestly, is it too much to ask that she wear one of the non-sports-related pieces of apparel that we bought, with her approval? Please???

As I was getting ready, she came in to show me that she had deigned to do as I asked and was indeed clad in her adorable denim skirt. "Cute! What shoes are you going to wear?" I asked. "My black Adidas with purple stripes." "Why don't you wear your Uggs?" (I know - I despise them and rail against them but she's a) 12 and b) not wearing them with shorts). She says, "really? That would be okay? You hate Uggs." "Maddy, they look cute on you, just try it," happy that she's even considering something other than an athletic shoe.

She put them on and then exclaimed, "I need tights!!" and ran off to her room. I proceeded to do the happy dance right then and there.

As we were leaving, she put on her Reebok jacket (of course!), so I went to the closet and pulled Jessica's peacoat from the closet. I swear when she put it on she became taller, older and more beautiful. And I thought to myself "here's your future, dumbass. Dress her up and give the boys a reason to follow her home." Those Nike pants and t-shirts are looking pretty good.
And so, for one night, Sporty Spice became Posh Spice.

After dinner, she put on jeans and went sledding. When she came in she told me she loved wearing tights because they kept her butt warm and dry while sledding. Ah, there's my Sporty Spice - glad you're back, kid.