Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Missed Connections

I was looking on my local Craigslist recently and got distracted by the Missed Connections section. Some of the postings are sweet, and some are borderline creepy. I wonder if anyone ever found who they were looking for from that forum.

If someone was struck dumb by my beauty last night, the post might read something like this:

"I saw you in Wal-Mart around 9:30 last night, workout clothes, no makeup, hair in a ragged ponytail, you bought yeast infection cream at the self-checkout. You were HAWT!!"

I didn't buy any cream but you get the point. 99% of the time I do put effort into how I look. The remaining 1% of the time is when I pop into WalMart or the grocery store and manage to run into about half a dozen people I know.

I do always have on clean underwear, though.

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