Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whip It Up Wednesday - Week 7

This week's suggested theme was salad, which was perfect timing in my quest to lose weight and eat healthier. I've got a wedding or two to look good in, you know!

Maddy recently fell in love with baby spinach, and I'm always up for a cool salad on a warm summer day. I wandered through the grocery store, and grabbed what I thought might be good, and that Maddy would eat. We put together this salad, which we have dubbed Kitchen Sink Salad (based on the "everything but the kitchen sink" saying).

Kitchen Sink Salad

1/2 bag pre-chopped salad greens (I used a lettuce trio mix)

1/2 bag baby spinach

1/2 cucumber, sliced

1/2 red pepper, chopped

1/4 c sliced mushrooms

2 oz gouda cheese, cut into small pieces

3-4 T shredded italian blend cheese

6-7 pieces of frozen pre-cooked fajita chicken, heated OR one grilled chicken breast, sliced

Croutons, bacon bits, favorite dressing to taste (I used Kraft Light Zesty Italian)

Mix the greens and divide among shallow bowls. Top with vegetables, warm chicken, cheese, toppings and dressing. Enjoy!

Was it good? Very good. For a salad, it was quite filling. Maddy said we should eat it more often. We probably should eat more fresh vegetables anyway. I'm glad she's a kid that will try things and then turn up her nose, instead of just outright refusing to eat anything new. She tried a raw mushroom, without much success. She did like the chopped red peppers.

Was it easy? Very easy. Most of the prep time was chopping the vegetables. Prepackaged salads are a fabulous invention, just make sure you look it over carefully for brown pieces before buying. There's really no way to screw this up, unless you accidentally drown it in dressing.

Would I make it again? Definitely. I will add more vegetables, like radishes or carrots. I might also try it with cooked shrimp. I might also use almonds to top it instead of croutons.

Pics on Flickr.

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mysecondjournal said...

I love salads...especially when you can throw in whatever you like.. peppers or mushrooms please :-)