Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet Me In St. Louis

Those of us that live in and around St. Louis have it pretty good, we just need to be reminded sometimes. With gas prices being absurd, and airlines raping us for every little fee, a lot of cities are promoting themselves as vacation spots for their residents. St. Louis is a prime example of a lot of attractions for not a lot of money.

As far as free attractions, we have a world-class zoo; the Anheuser Busch brewery tour; Grant's Farm; the Art Museum, free seats at the Muny, and Forest Park. I'm sure I'm leaving out some - feel free to remind me in the comments.

Yesterday, Maddy and I took advantage of a couple of hot spots our town is known for. We started with the Arch. I took Jessica up there about 10 years ago, and I forgot just how cool it really is. Of course, it was a little overcast so our visibility was limited, but we still got some great pictures of the Gateway Mall and the downtown skyline. I tried to prepare Maddy for the "clothes dryer" experience of the tram, and she didn't really get it until she got in there. She did fine, and was amazed at what she could see from the Arch windows.

Then we headed to the City Museum. I had never been there, but Maddy went on a school field trip. We are definitely going back. It is a photographer's dream, and of course I forgot my camera. However, my phone took some pretty nice pictures.

The City Museum is just phenomenal. The sculptures, slides, tunnels, mosaics, caves - all just too cool for words. The pictures don't really do it justice either. There is a wall made entirely of steam table trays bolted to the wall. The staircase rails look like old shocks that have been hand painted. Kids are encouraged to touch and explore, unlike stuffy museums.

We finished our day at Joanie's Pizza in Soulard. It was too hot to sit on their patio, so we went inside and had their delicious pizza (pepperoni and bacon for Maddy, sausage and mushroom for me) and finished our meal with a mint chocolate chip truffle. Yum!

Get out and re-discover your city. You'd be surprised sometimes at what you find in your own backyard.

Check out Flickr for the pics.


Cheri and Jesse said...

Sounds like you two had a great day. I keep forgetting about the city museum. I have never been there either, but have heard good things about it. I did not know that the kids could touch stuff without getting into trouble. That sounds like my type of place. =)

kim said...

kim, what a fun post! i went to boarding school in STL and your trip with maddy brought back a lot of memories! we used to volunteer at the city museum all the time - a simply marvelous place for kids and adults!! i found your blog via a comment you left at dooce and have marveled at your grace and humor as you journey on with life sans two daughters. you certainly are a wonderful example for maddy. wow - long comment. anyway, thanks for sharing your trip to STL!!

Anonymous said...

AMEN are SO SO SO right. My girlfriend and I used to do this in summer when we were in college..we picked a day each week and do a vacation in St Louis.. There really is SO much to do and see. We love The City Museum.

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

We just recently completed a cross-country road trip, driving just shy of 7,000-miles in three weeks time (with 4 children <4). I was so disappointed that although we zig zagged across the country, we missed St. Louis. I would love to see the arch.

I was reading through your archives and am so touched by your story. My most sincere condolences on the loss of your daughters. My prayers are with you.

Our Crooked Tree said...

DO people take tours at AB still ☺ Drink more Schlafly! ☺

Michelle said...

I didn't know how to e-mail you directly so sorry I have to leave a comment.
I wanted to know how you had the necklace made from flowers from the girls funeral. I was thinking of trying to have one made for a friend of mine. Please write me at meeshlinn at yahoo dot com.


Tenakim said...

HI, a fellow St Louisan who just found you. I am sooo sorry for your loss. I'm pretty sure it's the one that has been on the news a lot, no? My sincerest condolences and I'm glad I found you.

Tenakim said...

Me again- I've just been reading through you archives- assuming you started this blog as a healing process. I was amazed to see you started just before your tragedy! You have been tested so much and are so strong, I'm in awe. My husband is a poiceman and is sickened by the way your daughters perished. He has talked about it often- he is even against a 60 speed limit- thinks it should go back to 55- and can't comprehend speeds over 100. Gosh, I hope this isn't inappropriate, I just wanted you to know that I think you're amazing!