Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Just Gotta Laugh

I found out today that our criminal trial date may be continued to April 26th. You know, because we've been waiting TWO. EFFING. YEARS. What's another 30 days, really? (By the way, the previous line was written using sarcasm font.)

I guess I knew this had to happen, because after my last post, I felt better. I was ready to face the trial and ready to move forward. It never fails that when I come to grips with the situation, the situation changes.

So, what's a girl to do?

All I can do is laugh. And drink. Considering I have no wine on me right now, I'll have to laugh. This picture always makes me smile.

Laugh with me, won't you?

**EDITED TO ADD - check out this gem that was also filed.


Andrea said...


That is a great picture. I'd have that one framed.

MamaB said...

What kind of crap is that court system smoking? I'm so sorry Kim that this is getting dragged out more and more. And that news article are you f**king kidding me!! What a douche!


Liz said...

I saw the news article too. Un-frickin'-believable. I'm so sorry. That man has hit new lows.

But that picture of the girls? Hilarious! Love it!

Krys72599 said...

"... did not have fair warning that driving his patrol car at triple-digit speeds before crashing into and killing two Collinsville sisters was breaking the law,..." ARE YOU KIDDING?????

That lawyer should be ASHAMED of himself, to actually submit that motion!!! And that picture of the officer? Might just make me a nice dartboard, that arrogant, SOB, motherf...

Sorry, got distracted for a moment.

Had he been rushing, for instance, to SAVE your daughters, okay, speed away! Speed away *carefully,* with the utmost caution. But triple digits? Really? I honestly don't know if there's a time triple digits would be okay...

BUT I DO know that "talking on his cell phone, answering calls on his radio and sending e-mails on his dash-mounted computer" WHILE driving at triple digit speeds is NOT okay, no way, no how.

Are you effin' kidding?

LOVE the picture of the girls, though!

Annie said...

Generally speaking, I tend to have a good opinion of police officers. I'm one of few people my age in my peer group who feels this way. However, this guy certainly is doing an efficient job in perpetuating a stereotype and giving further proof that some cops really believe they are above the law. Unbelievable. I'd like my police officers to know the laws they are supposed to be enforcing AND have the common sense to do their work safely.

That being said, that picture is awesome! It made my Monday morning, Kim. :)

minniemama68 said...

Dear Jeebus.....I just read the article and I'm still trying to close my mouth...This guy needs to go to prison and become Bubba's boyfriend. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. (((Hugs)))

Nancy R said...

I saw that too...all I can say is SHAME on them - the lawyer for coming up with that defense and the officer for agreeing to go along with it. I hope the opposing lawyer finds a smoking...instruction, I the Policeman's Rules of the Road.

Love the photo.