Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flawed Logic

If you had a cleaning service, would you clean your house before they came in to to clean? I don't mean pick up the shoes and hide the pile of junk mail on the counter, I mean clean, like run the vacuum and mop your floor?

Ok, I'll answer it - yes, yes I would. Why? Because I'm afraid my cleaning person would judge me because my carpet is now the color of my greyhound. Never mind that my cleaning person would probably think "why is this idiot wasting money on me when her house is already clean?" See, I'd be judged again. That's why I don't have a cleaning person.

Now that you know how dumb I am, I'll tell you this: I joined the gym near my house in August. I have yet to set foot in it again. We did try to go a few times but it was crowded, and then we got busy and then someone hurt their ankle and then I broke my toe and here we are 4 months later.

However, I have been walking the stairs at work, and in the last week I started running at night in my neighborhood. Yes, it's 8 degrees and I'm running in the street, when I'm paying $15 a month for a nice warm well-lit gym.

My logic behind this flash of brilliance? I'm embarrased to go to the gym until I get in better shape.

Yes, I know - the whole reason for a gym is to get into shape. However, I'm not comfortable going in there with all those strangers laughing and pointing at my faded pink sweats and old t-shirt, or my inability to run for more than 5 minutes without gasping or tripping on the treadmill. It's high school lunchroom all over again.

Yes, I know that no one is looking at me and if they were, I really shouldn't care - I'm there to get healthy and fit, not to impress anyone.

At what point do we actually believe it when we say we don't care what other people think?


Emily/Randomability said...

I think I've finally stopped caring about what other people at the gym think. At the pool with my swim suit on? Now that's another story...

Came here via Twitter :)

Melody said...

LOL - Like I said before, I am worried I am not in good enough shape to be a part of the prenatal swimming class at my gym, even tho I work out 4 days a week! It's like I know I am in good shape, but dude... my stomach is huge :)

Emily/Randomability said...

I did prenatal yoga with both kids and LOVED it! There, no one cares. :)

Craig said...

You sure do have a warped view of yourself. I think you are so beautiful, inside and out. :)

I used to worry about what people thought about me. I had a friend once that told me, outside of family, he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him. He does what he wants, when he wants. That's something that I took to heart and has really stuck with me. If someone is going to judge me then that's their problem, not mine. As long as I am happy and working towards bettering myself as a person, then who cares what others may think.

Annie said...

I take comfort in the thought that if I'm so concerned about other people, everyone else is probably concerned about other people, which seriously cuts into their time to actually be looking and judging other people. :)

And, uh, you look great!

Christian's Mom said...

Very interesting post, and yes, I agree with you, flawed logic! ;-) Let me ask you something, do you often judge other people when you are out? I would guess not. Would you go to the gym and think about how ugly someone's sweat pants are or how big someone's rear end is? I don't give anyone else a second thought at the gym, and I think that's true for most people (unless there is a cute, really strong guy working out, and then we might notice, right ladies?). The other thing is that I have a LONG way to go before I could be considered even sort of fit-ish, and there are tons of people at the gym just like me. I'm sure there are tons of people at your fitness level at your gym, and even if there are not, no one will even think twice about it! And even if they did think about it, you have posted pics on your website and I'm sure they would only think nice things!

Andrea said...

What if you went anyway, and the people at the gym saw you in bad shape...then saw you in better shape... then saw you reach your goal. Do you think they'd be inspired by you? Do you think they'd be supportive? It could be a whole community of people just waiting to cheer you on. That would be cool, no?

Andrea (@Shutterbitch)

minniemama68 said...

I weigh 238 pounds....we are friends on Facebook, so you can see what I look like...I put on my spandex running pants and a big t-shirt and I go to the health club we can NOT really afford and if someone doesn't like it, they can kiss my fat arse....why??? Because I need to do this for me, and I've lost almost 40 lbs. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you don't have to lose a hundredth of the poundage that I have to lose, so get to the gym and tell anyone who doesn't like it to go pound sand, because you have a friend in NW Indiana who will sit on them if they say one stinkin word.

Me said...

Okay, I wish I would have checked in sooner, but I've been relishing my "free-time" before school starts up again...Go ahead and go to the gym!!! I was worried about people watching me too, but I keep my head held high and, don't act like I know exactly what I am doing, but confident in that I'm getting my but into the gym. Just take it slow.

Yes, people will look at you and some of the more shallow ones might think rancid thoughts. However, I'm one of the not-so-gym savvy, and I'm definitely not a hard body, and most times when I look around it's people just like me. They might not come right out and say it, but there's a certain camaraderie. We're all making an effort to be healthy.

Plus, the hard bodies are usually so self absorbed in their workout and their reflections in the mirrors that they don't notice anyone else. Be healthy!!! You deserve it