Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Little Artist

I got a new phone last week. Sugar left his phone in his jeans pocket and it wound up being washed (NOTE - not by me!). Although it was snuggly soft and static-free, it did not work anymore.

As I was eligible for an upgrade and had been lusting after the iPhone, I told him I'd buy a new phone and give him my old Razr, which was only a year old. However, after further research, the iPhone doesn't run on the 3G network yet and I wasn't sure if I wanted to plunk down that much moola. I knew I wanted a phone with a decent calendar feature, and to still be able to check the weather and my email, and keep up on the breaking news *snort*

So, after much research, I chose this. I like the PDA features, the QWERTY keyboard, and the ease of navigation. I love the color and the scroll wheel -whee! It also has a really cool camera, which kept Maddy busy in the car. These pictures were taken while we were driving home one night - she would wave the phone to make it blurry then snap the picture. I think they turned out pretty good. Maybe she's got a future in abstract photography.

This is McDonald's.

My car audio display

Casa del Waffle - I'd recognize it anywhere.

Self-portrait of the artiste.


MP said...

I just had an "upgrade" and got a free razor..I guess I'm behind in the times. I used to have the Chocolate and it sucked..I didn't want/need any of those other features.
I am on the computer way too much and I'm afraid my addiction would carry know what I mean?!?

I LOVE the self portrait..and that new doo...she just keeps getting cuter!

My Life My Life My Life said...

I need an upgrade like nobodies business..I have a 72 pound puppy who is teething and I guess like the vibration of my phone in his mouth...
Love the self portrait..she's a very pretty little girl.

Frogdancer said...

Great pics, especially the car audio one.

(Your comment about Vegemite made me laugh... I may post about the food of the gods that is Vegemite.)