Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I had a vague feeling that I was forgetting something. Of course, that's standard operating procedure for me lately. Case in point - I ran through Wal-Mart last night after work (literally) grabbing a few things for dinner, including a couple of cans of mushrooms. I dashed through the store, found a remarkably quick check out line, hustled to get Maddy, ran home, got her changed into her ball uniform, grabbed a soda and ran out the door to her game. At the game, I was digging for my phone and found one of the cans of mushrooms. In my purse. My first thought was that my phone wound up in the pantry but no, it was in my purse. I'm still baffled as to how mushrooms wound up in my purse. (And yes, I paid for them, I didn't shoplift). And then I realized I had forgotten to bring fundraiser tickets to the game. But I did bring mushrooms. Head - firmly lodged in ass. Which is probably why I don't lose my head, because I'd just have to look in my butt for it.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, forgetting something.

We have our trip to Dallas this weekend and my mind is clogged with "remember to do this" and "don't forget that" thoughts. I have a list, actually several, because I keep misplacing the one I started last week, or I can't find one when I think of things to write down. I just remembered this morning to call the doggie sitter. That's kind of important.

I'm also in the home stretch of fundraiser preparation and trying to keep ticket sales and donations and phone calls and thank you cards all together. That is a whole 'nother set of lists.

I'm also starting pre-travel prep lists for my trip in August. I know it's 40 days away, I'm just a list-freak that way. And I'll probably still forget something.

About 10 minutes ago, I just remembered what I was forgetting yesterday. It's been seven months since they died. Seven. I feel a little guilty for not remembering. Especially since the fundraiser flyer is on my desk, and I'm starting to shop for decorations that represent them. It was staring me right in my face all day yesterday. How'd I manage to forget?

Perhaps the positive is starting to outweigh the negative.


mysecondjournal said...

maybe remembering the 7 isn't as important as birthdays...maybe the girls are letting you forget..{{hugs}}

I know where to go for mushrooms now..thanks. :-)

MamaB said...

I'm right there with you on the forgetfulness! I had my husband call my cell phone because I couldn't find it...in the freezer!!

I'm also with you on the lists, I have lists for everything!

I don't think you necessarily forgot the 7 you brain is just focusing on the positive of honoring them. Many prayers and hugs to you!

Zip n Tizzy said...

I agree that it's a blessing that your life is full and you are moving forward. You will never forget your beautiful daughters, but it's wonderful that you have found enough peace that the accident doesn't consume you every day.

I am becoming devoted to lists. Something I am just discovering the merits of.

I have two packs of instant mac n cheese in my purse right now. I have to remember to remove them before going to the store and having it look like I'm the spaghetti thief!

Rock on Kim! You are truly inspiring.

jill.prettyman said...

Keeping your self this busy sometimes makes your crazy, put I promise it's the best medicine. I found in the first year after I lost my daughter the more distracted I was the easier it was to get through the day, Hang in there

jill.prettyman said...

I don't know what it is with your blog, but every time I post a comment I spell something wrong (it makes you crazy)