Friday, June 20, 2008

Wednesday Bites - The Friday Version

Wow, my week kinda got away from me. It's Friday, whoo-hoo!


So, my insomnia is much better now. I'm taking my Lexapro at night now and I'm not wide awake for two hours anymore. Yippee! Thanks for the advice!


Maddy and I will be at my dad's this weekend. He installed new swing seats for her made from vinyl deck material. She will be happy to know her swing is safe again.


My dad also has the flowers planted around the girls' trees. I'll post pictures when I get back. I'm excited to see them. The plaque is ready for Kelli's tree at her school, we're coordinating on when that will be installed.


I'm so excited about my trip to Antigua. It's lifted my mood, and kicked my diet and exercise plan into high gear. And by high gear I mean I'm skipping dessert and I bought some hand weights to tone up my bingo wings. Baby steps, people.


I switched my shampoo to Organix shea butter smoothing formula. It smells so tropical, it's really put me in the island mood, mon.


Enjoy your weekend!

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mysecondjournal said...

Island = The ultimate in fun and relaxation.

Uber jealous