Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free* Lunch

Today, I bought my lunch from the cafe in my building. I got a side salad, big slice of pizza and 32 oz soda. Guess how much?

$5.00 even. Not $5 and some change. $5.00. And you could choose your pizza slice - cheese, pepperoni, supreme, whatever. It was very good, too. It wouldn't be a bargain if it tasted like crap.

Here is photographic proof.

*It's almost a free lunch, considering the price of everything else these days.


Anonymous said...

OK..that is a really good deal. Looks yummy.

Lynn said...

I was just introduced to your cafe by a friend last week (totally forgot you were in there now!) Last week I had the chicken fajita wrap (it was the special I think) and it was tres yummy!!

Lisa said...

Wow. That's a great price. That pizza looks yummy! (Am drooling)