Friday, September 5, 2008

Let Me Check My Book

I'm busy. You don't believe me? Let's look at my book.

Yes, I have a book. An old-skool spiral notebook planner with a pen in the spine. Yes, I have a cell phone with a PDA but it's so much faster to write it down than input it into my phone. The only advantage to using my phone is I can set an alarm. Which will usually beep for 15 minutes in my purse while I say "what is that noise?" Dear god, I'm old.

(FYI - in the background is the picture of me and BFF Heather in Florida - ah, good times. I have a picture of her and pictures of my girls on my desk, but not my dearly beloved. Hmmm, better get on that.)

So, back to the book. I was busy before this wedding business started but now it's just mushroomed out of control. Let me just give you an example of say, the next week:

Tonight - pedicure at 5, then home to clean house and get ready for NASCAR race
Saturday - Head to the NASCAR race at 9:30am, watch the race, go home, change, go to the Cards game at 6.
Sunday - finish painting my deck, meet with a photographer
Monday - lunch with a friend, have a BBQ for Craig's grandma's birthday
Tuesday - get my windshield fixed, go look at a wedding dress
Wednesday - Maddy's soccer practice, do laundry
Thursday - doctor's appointment and then girls' night out. Pack Maddy for a weekend at BFF Lynn's while I go run off to play golf.
Friday - possible InterPlay business, then drive to the Lake
Saturday - golf and beer with my dad
Sunday - come home, maybe stop in Owensville to meet a friend from high school, sit down for 10 minutes before going to bed

Ree-gol-darn-diculous, as my dad would say.

Last night I stayed home for the first time all week. I cooked dinner, did laundry, highlighted my hair, cleaned out my bathroom drain, cleaned my bathroom, read my book (Twilight Series), cleaned up my room, and gave Maddy a bath. It was the most relaxing night I'd had all week, because I was HOME. I also felt like I'd accomplished something.

I bring it on myself, I'm not complaining. I just find it ironic that I only put Maddy in soccer this fall so we wouldn't be so busy. Yeah, that plan worked.

Looking ahead to October it seems a little less hectic. However, once I run out of squares in September, October is free game.


Shutter Bitch said...

Your weeks sound like mine. Sometimes I just want to stop the world so I can get off for just a few minutes. Luckily my busy time is mostly in the summer, and things have been calming down lately. But here's my week:
Friday: pick up kids and go to local area picnic to help hubby with food stand
Saturday: go get tire checked and buy some diapers and formula, and then back to picnic for evening.
Sunday: laundry and meet with potential client/bride for photo shoot discussion.
Monday: upload photos from recent shoot and begin post processing. Clean for jewelry party at home next evening.
Tuesday: Jewelry party, wanna come? (for serious.)
Wednesday: more photo processing
Thursday: nothing that I know of yet, so maybe I can get out of the house for a curiosity shoot (what I call it when I take the kids on a walk around the area and shoot random things to polish my skillz).
Friday: clean house to get ready for hosting surprise birthday party on Saturday.
Saturday: get ready for and host party.
Sunday: Family photo shoot, and possible dinner at husband's grandma's house.

Shutter Bitch said...

Can you say blog hijack? Yikes.

She Who said...

September and May have always been my worst months. It will get better. Until the days fill out.

Simply AnonyMom said...

I have a notebook too. It is a simple college ruled notebook. Often the 3 and 4 yr old will take it and draw pictures ovcer my schedule, but they never use ink pen so I can still make out the important stuff.

Anonymous said...

Pretty crazy ... been lurking at your blog for quite a while now (due to blogher sidenotes) and have commented a few times -- I am not much of a delurker ;) However, I had to comment today after reading this post. I am from Owensville so it was quite a surprise to see that name in your post. Also, I just finished the Twilight series and started reading the rough draft that is posted online of Midnight Sun .. not the same as curling up with the book, but it works. lol Anyway, good luck to you and it was nice to have something in common! Tammy

Marrdy said...

Holy Moly!! You are busy and I am sure you will be getting much busier.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there isn't much time for Maddy. Maybe you should think about that!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there isn't much time for Maddy. Maybe you should think about that!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean..why do we do that to ourselves, it's like I have to plan time to stupid is that?

Anonymous said...

troll alert...delete that man

Anonymous said...

I love how someone (who we have no idea who it is because Kim can't track IPs from the comments) thinks she doesn't have enough time for Maddy because he only sees her every other weekend and thinks that a 2 and a half hour softball game is too long to watch his daughter play so he shows up late (if at all). Or when Kim asks if he can watch Maddy and he calls back and says no (just to get back at Kim) because it would screw up all his plans. Great double standard there. I know that everyone that reads this blog can only wish that everyone had a mom that was as loving and caring as Kim is. Maddy is Kim's WORLD and to write an anonymous comment questioning that is just plain pathetic. --Craig

Anonymous said...

Rock on, Craig!


Anonymous said...

This is in response to the "sounds like there isn't much time for Maddy" comment:

Let's look through the blog and see how much time Kim really does spend with Maddy. Kim mentions going to her soccer practices, giving her baths, baking cookies with her, preparing salad with her, shopping for new school supplies, taking her for girls' nights to the hotel to swim,
going to her softball games, the list goes on and on. In fact, there aren't many postings that do not mention Maddy. Maddy is in good hands, and I wish all kids had this kind of supportive and loving relationship with their mothers.

I hesitated to post this comment because battling out past bitterness is not what this blog is about. It is about supporting Kim... period. If you do not care about Kim and her feelings, your posts do not belong here. Not to mention, if you do not care, why are you reading the blog anyway? At least you didn't ask Kim to remove this posting like you did
about your girlfriend's lack of tolerance for alcohol. I'm just glad you don't have my number to call and leave me a VM about this comment. Cheers!

My Life My Life My Life said...

Something about planners...I love them. I dont care how high tech I get I HAVE to have at least one wall calender for everything AND a daily planner!

When your busy like has a way of making you enjoy those sweet little moments like being home and just BEING.