Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Call Me June Cleaver

I am either getting old, or getting domestic. Both are equally frightening. What happened, you ask? I got a new household appliance last night, and I am smitten. I honestly can't wait until tonight to see it again. Sad, isn't it?

A little background:

Now that we have a garage, we come in the house through the utility room, which is tile, then enter the hallway, which is carpet. Beige carpet. Even with throw rugs at the doors, we were still tracking in dirt, and the constant traffic was matting down the carpet. We also had some residual dirt from moving in on a lovely drizzly day.

Also, my greyhound was taking the position that since us humans didn't use the dining room every day, he could mark it as his own. Nice try, dog, but until you start bringing in some racing earnings to buy new carpet, you can go in the yard. We bought you a fence!

The last straw was on Sunday when I was bringing up the Super Bowl buffet from downstairs, and I dropped my chili ladle. And then it bounced, so I got a two-fer! Gah.

On Monday, I declared war. I have a small hand-held carpet cleaner but this kind of battle needed a big gun.

After much research (yay Epinions and Amazon!), we found our weapon:

Dirt, meet your destroyer - The Hoover SteamVac Dual V. Six spinning brushes, an internal water heater, upholstery tool, a rinse-only option, forced heated air to speed drying time - this baby has it all. And it was on sale! And we had a coupon!

After a relatively easy assembly, I fired it up and got to work. Yes, I cleaned my carpet at 9:00 last night. Don't judge.

The results were amazing. The dark spots in front of the utility room door are gone, Nolan's piddle puddles are eliminated, the carpet was completely dry this morning, and it doesn't feel crunchy. It looks new and feels fluffy again. Victory is mine!

Tonight I have a date with it to conquer the living room. I might even wear my pearls.

*This post is not a paid advertisement for Hoover, Amazon, Kohl's, Epinions, dirt, greyhounds, Jerry Mathers or pearls.


Nancy said...

Oh, I love mine.. Be careful if you do steps. The day I used it for the first time I dropped the water container down the carpeted steps and broke the handle that clicks it in.... I ordered a new one, but it took forever to get here.

minniemama68 said...

Wow!!!! I love new stuff. I have Dyson envy. And I'd covet your carpet cleaner, but we have 4 dogs, so we don't do carpet here. Here's to hopin it is all you ever wanted in a carpet cleaner!!!!!

Gregg said...

I've been considering getting this very model for some time. We have an old Bissel tank type where you hook it up to faucets (and the adapters NEVER work).

The all-in-one approach seems like it would rock, and since my dog thinks our basement offices are a viable alternative to the yard, we'd use it a lot.

I'll be interested in what you think after a few months of use.

Erin said...

I hate conflict with actual humans, so I absolutely adore conquering non-human foes, like stains and aggregations of pet hair. I feel your enthusiasm.

Linka72 said...

Oooh..it's like appliance porn..and I luuuv appliance porn.
I myself, am pining over a Dyson vacuum cleaner. We registered for one but no one bought it..bastards.

Frogdancer said...

I totally understand. I still adore my Mrs Doubtfire.

Kelli said...

I did in fact see Revolutionary Road (and read the book too)
I talked a bit about it here:

In short though, I thought it was excellent and am still pissed Leo didn't get an Actor nomination.

Kelli said...

I realize my comment had nothing at all to do with your current blog post...but I figured I'd answer your comment on my blog here.

Marrdy said...

You are a domestic Goddess! What a great vacuum. Lucky you.

My Life My Life My Life said...

Anything that takes up doggy stains ranks high in my book, Lord knows I've got a ton.