Monday, February 16, 2009

What a Concept!

Last year, I bought the husband-elect a pair of Oakley sunglasses through I had been a Zappos shoe customer for quite a while, but this was the first non-shoe purchase I had made through this website.

All my previous shoe purchases and returns were hassle-free. I was always upgraded to free overnight shipping, and on the one occasion I had to return a pair of shoes, I was able to print a return authorization and UPS shipping label from my computer, and my refund was credited to my card within a week.

Over the weekend, the Oakleys broke right in the middle. I knew Oakley offered a one-year warranty, but I started with Zappos to see what they suggested.

Within five minutes on the phone, a new replacement pair was being shipped to me (via free overnight, of course), and even though the price had gone up since last year, I wasn't being asked to pay the difference. I was also upgraded to VIP status, so I would now receive free overnight shipping all the time, and if I had to return something, the refund would be credited within 24 hours.

Fast, friendly, above-and-beyond-what-is-expected customer service - Zappos now has a customer for life.


Anonymous said...

The Zappos team is on Twitter. I enjoy following their CEO.
-Mutha Mae

Machelle said...

Zappos is incredible!! Their customer service should be modeled by all companies!