Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - The Birds and The Bees

I took about 15 pictures of this dang bird, as he hopped all over my backyard. I kept hoping he'd get a worm but if he did, he swallowed before I could see.
There were so many bees in my cherry trees that you could hear the buzzing as you walked under them.


Kym said...

Your cherry trees are gorgeous!

Gregg said...

It looks like your new yard has some nice grass, too!

That's a lot of cherry blossoms, I've never had a cherry tree...perhaps I should reconsider.

Kelli said...

Great photos.
I saw my first robin of spring this morning in the park near my apartment while walking to work. So exciting!

Marrdy said...

My Grandma had a cherry tree and loved it! Still love cherries and flowers with bees.

Anonymous said...

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