Friday, July 17, 2009

Last Minute Prep

This morning I was running some last minute errands for the fundraiser, one of which was to pick up the tablecloths and the supplies for the centerpieces. I am using tissue-paper pineapples on half the tables for Jessica, and the half for Kelli will be multi-colored leis in these really cool bowls made of old record albums (courtesy of the awesomeness that is Courtney).

I arrived at the carnival supply store, loaded up my basket with bright colored table covers, found the cool pineapple cups that Maddy wanted, and then wandered over to where the leis were. I saw a few leis laying loose in a basket, but I needed more than that - a case of them, to be exact. I asked the clerk if they had any more in stock, and she said "oh, that's all we have, until our truck comes in on Monday." MONDAY?!?

Inside my head I could hear Kelli saying "oh sure, Mom, you got JESSICA'S stuff, but for MY STUFF you wait until the last minute! Jeez!"

In my defense, when I stopped in a few weeks ago, this store had boxes of leis for sale. Apparently the luau theme is popular, because today? 37 lonely leis remained. I bought them, then wondered how I would conjure up 107 additional ones.

The clerk gave me a couple of suggestions of alternative retailers, and I lucked out with the first guy. He had 5 cases in stock. Now he has 4. He is my hero today. Kelli would be so happy.

My dining room is Fundraiser Central right now, covered in donations, papers and other assorted what-not. I'm trying to line up everything so I can be as expedient and organized as possible on Sunday. However, I'm sure something will go wonky and I'll be running amok at the last minute as usual.

But it's for an awesome cause and I just can't get too upset.

The local paper is running a story about the fundraiser, and I will be doing an interview with KMOV Channel 4 on Saturday. I am so grateful for the publicity for this cause. I'm hoping for a great turnout, not just to benefit the scholarship funds, but also to benefit the food pantry and the prom dress drive.

The more the merrier, so stop by if you can.


Raquita said...

I have a box of leis from cammys birthday if you should need them

Marrdy said...

Wish I lived closer I would come!