Friday, March 28, 2008

Love and Hate - The End of The Month Version

Janet does this on her blog so I thought I'd borrow her idea. I'm up to my butt in kitchen and bath remodeling right now. Before and after pics coming soon!

Love: That it's Friday
Hate: That it's cold and wet...again. Come on Spring!

Love: Planning for home improvement
Hate: Paying for home improvement

Love: Wallpaper stripping tools which make the wallpaper just peel right off
Hate: Stripping the wallpaper to begin with

Love: My comfy cozy warm bed
Hate: Getting out of said bed before I want to

Love: New shoes
Hate: Not wearing new shoes because of the *&^%% rain

Leave your love/hate combos in the comments. Have a happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love: my new addition to house
Hate: the money it costs!!!

Love: Friday's
Hate: Friday's (it is a love hate thing, the kids will be home all weekend whining)

Love: cheesecake
Hate: the calories


CandyGram55 said...

Love: my big fluffy chow/shepherd mix baby
Hate: all the shed hair that takes over my house and everything in it!

She who said...

Love: Moving to Germany.
Hate: Sorting through the STUFF to make the move.

gwendomama said...

love: that i found your blog

hate: that we belong to the same club