Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Bites - The School Bus Edition

If you ever try to do the "short bus" joke with Maddy, just a warning - don't. She rides a small bus (we don't call it short) and she's pretty sensitive about it. It's still funny to tease her, but she doesn't take it well. Which might be why it's so fun.


Last Thursday I rode a school bus with Maddy to Springfield for her field trip. I haven't been on a school bus I think when Kelli went to kindergarten and she had orientation, we took a trip around the parking lot on the bus. Yeah, that might be the last time.

Our driver got lost leaving Collinsville, got lost going to the museum, and got lost again going to the second museum. Coming back, it was raining and he was either dozing off or just swerving to screw with us. I really thought I was going to have to drive.


So after a hiatus of 13 years for school bus rides, I more than made up for it this weekend. At Bristol, they use school buses as shuttle buses between the parking lots and the track. So I rode four more school buses. I think I've used up my bus quota now.


One of my favorite school bus scenes is from Sixteen Candles - "Score. Direct hit." Joan Cusack's character bouncing along wrapped in her neck brace. Farmer Ted hitting on Samantha. Ah -good times.


A Buns Life said...

I loved loved loved Sixteen Candles.

MP said...

Aaahhh, NICE School Bus reference. When I was in highschool my best friends younger brother looked like Farmer Ted. :-)

The majority of my school bus driving was float trips.. But man I remember those field day trips to Hannible, Springfield MO and Jeff City. They seemed like they took forever!!

MP said...

ps..with the news again today I hope it helps one itty bitty iota that there are so many of us saying a prayer for you and Maddy.

Andrea said...

I LOVE that movie! My cell phone ring is the kazoo song from the bus scene in Sixteen Candles. Of course, it's not the actual kazoo version, but close enough!