Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekend Plans

I have a pretty full weekend planned, which is good, because it keeps me busy but it's bad because it keeps me busy.

Tonight, Maddy and I are taking a mini-vacation. We are staying at hotel room in town and hitting the pool first thing. Then we will go back to the room and order a cheese pizza (because it's Lent), watch a movie on the laptop and eat junk food. She will probably jump on the beds, too, because that's what you should do in a hotel room when you're a kid. We may do mani-pedis as well.

Tomorrow we will go shopping for her Easter dress and shoes, and maybe pick up something for me too as a reward for shopping with a picky 9-year old. Tomorrow night I'm going to watch my friend get his head shaved for charity.

Sunday I have a confirmation party in the afternoon. Sunday night will be house cleaning and laundry and resting from the weekend.

What do you have planned? Whatever it is, be safe, have fun and enjoy.

**REMINDER** Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night, so set your clock one hour ahead. Yes, it cuts into the drinking time Saturday night, but we get more daylight to sit on the deck and drink, so it evens out.


A Buns Life said...

Easter egg hunt, in the freezing cold and snow, gymnastics, birthday party, grown-up party, family dinner and maybe some sleep in there too. Have a good one!!

MP said...

Mini vacation at a hotel w/ a pool sounds fun!
Tonight I'm picking up my stepson from school..McDonalds Fish Sandwiches for dinner then a combination of Rockband (xbox) laundry (me) and sleep.
Tomorrow we're going to my husbands grandma's house (she passed away) to steal things before his sisters get to it..somehow I think we're going to end up with a dead dear head. Then we need to take Drew to a bday party...then we are going to a 70th bday party..then at 10am we're picking him up from the party..then at 9:30 we're dropping him off w/ his grandma to go to a function at his school for Grandparents Day..then at 11am I am taking my dad to mass.
After that I may pass out or lay in bed and watch tv. :-) I just got tired thinking about it.
Great weekend to change the clocks grrrr

MP said...

ps..NO I can't time travel. We're picking him up at 10pm.

Zookeeper said...

That all sounds like fun! I love the night at the hotel thing. My daughter would be totally jealous. And that head-shaving fundraiser...what an awesome idea!

We have haircuts, birthday parties, basketball games, and an end-of-season basketball party going on this weekend. A pretty full calendar, but that's really nothing unusual around here. Enjoy your busy weekend!!

MamaB said...

My mother-in law is in town from Quincy, IL (We live in Reno, NV). Going to Apple Hill near Placerville CA to some wineries and orchards, mass on Sunday, shopping for Peanut's Easter dress and some spanktastic black shoes to go with a cocktail dresses for me!! Oh, and a date with my hubby since we have Grandma to babysit!!! I miss family and STL!!!

Yochadoodledo said...

And who say's jumping on the bed is just for kids!? Go ahead, join her...You know you want to! Besides, what better fun could you have than your mom joining in on the forbidden act of jumping on a hotel bed!!!
I can hear the belly giggles now...laughing so hard your belly muscles ache! That's the best!
Have a great time and let your inner-child out to play! Can't wait to hear who wins for craziest jump!

She who said...

I miss you. How was the mini vacation? Did the hair come off as planned. Did you get the spa treatment as planned? Tell, tell all. I live so vicariously.