Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mah Cleverness - Let me Show You It

I won the "Photo in Search of a Caption" contest on http://www.mamapop.com/. No monetary award, but their recognition of my fantastic-ness is reward enough. *snort* Honestly, I felt like Sally Field when I saw they'd picked me. They like me!! Really!!

Apropos of nothing, I would like to invite you, my dear readers, to not only leave me comments but email me as well. I get these awesome comments and I'd like to respond back, but the commenter has not used their email address. There's probably something technical I could do but this is easier. Or I could go into my comments and re-comment but again, I'm lazy and this is easier. Besides, I love email. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I have new mail. (See above Sally Field reference).

So, please feel free to email me at lakegal180 at yahoo dot com. I promise to personally respond to your emails. Unless I get 956,423 and then I will have my assistant, Maddy, help me. Lord knows what she'll write.

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