Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Bites - The Dance Fever Edition

If you ever want to see me stop whatever I'm doing and start dancing, play this song.


My BFF Heather and I have some great dance memories. Once we were doing the polka at the American Legion and my shoe got stuck on the floor and I started to fall. She grabbed and caught me by the belt loop but it broke and I landed on my behonkus. There I am sitting on the floor and she's holding a piece of my pants. We weren't embarassed about falling as much as we both were praying "please don't knock over the flags and the POW table."

We also won a jitterbug contest at an Elvis-impersonator concert. Because we're awesome like that.


Best way to embarass your kid EVER - crank up your radio at a stoplight and start driver's-seat dancing. Bonus points if it's disco or anything from Bananarama. I guarantee you'll look over and they'll be curled up in the floorboard begging you to stop mom please JUST STOP IT! Or do it when you drop them off for school. That works too.


My kitchen has seen a lot of dancing in its time. My girls and I used to put on music and just dance around. Kelli tried to teach me Soulja Boy. Now that was funny stuff. I might be a stunning example of white girls can't dance. Jessica used to Vogue when she was 3 or 4. She was always a good dancer. With her white-blonde hair and a cute little black t-shirt with rhinestones along the collar, she was so Madonna.


Celebrate Wednesday with a little boogie, child.


Zookeeper said...

I love that song! Thanks for the groove today. I needed that!

Andrea said...

Cruel Summer or Venus get me going, too. In fact, I think I remember dancing to Venus with my small group of friends for our school talent show in 5th or 6th grade. We were actually pretty good, sometimes. A couple of us went on to our high school dance teams. Not me, though. I'm not big on dancing. Must've been the embarrassment that's been ingrained in me ever since I hit puberty and my boobs went from flat to DDs by middle school. The dancing created the bouncing, and I was always ridiculed for the bouncing, so I stopped dancing.

Good luck with your remodel, and thanks for the car seat strap tip!

Lilah said...

Good post.