Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last year as a supplement to the Jessica and Kelli Uhl Fundraiser, we sold pink rubber bracelets for $1 with "Remember Jessica and Kelli" embossed on them. I ordered them at the last minute, so I had to get the plain ones.
Apparently people didn't mind much, because last month I sold the last one. If you have one, keep it - it might be a collector's item some day.

Today I got the new bracelets. I received the shipment today. Since I wasn't under a deadline, I ordered a darker pink, with green lettering, so that the message stood out, and also put their date of death on the back side. I'm very happy with how they turned out.
I think that I will change up the pink and green colors each year, to keep it interesting.

We also sold car magnets for $3, and I still have about 1oo or so of those left.

If you are interested in a magnet, bracelet, or both, please email me with your order, and I'll send them to you. All the proceeds go toward their scholarship funds - Jessica's at SIUE and Kelli's for the Collinsville Middle School cheerleaders.

Our next fundraiser will hopefully be in July - stay tuned for more details.


Frogdancer said...

I've tagged you for a meme/award thing. Just letting you know...

Steff said...

The green definitely stands out more! I love that your doing this. Such a great way to keep the girls memories alive.

I also wanted to make a suggestion to you. I am a consultant for Cookie Lee jewelry. If you would be interested, I would be willing to work with you to have a party (catalog or home show) to raise money for the scholarship funds. If your interested email me at Steff.Cincoski@yahoo.com and we can discuss.

Kris said...

They are pretty. I want one too. It is a grea way to keep the girls memory alive as Steff said, and the money goes for such a good cause

Marrdy said...

I do like dark pink and green. Such a nice way to keep the memories alive!

Lynn said...

Save me 10 of the bracelets!!! Love the new scheme :)

Nancy R said...

I've been meaning to tell you...I drive past the accident site at least once a week. Until recently I would make the sign of the cross, thinking about Jessica and Kelli...and then I decided that didn't feel like the right thing to be doing in honor of teenagers.

So, as of this week I do a Pujols-esque two beats to the chest and a peace sign to the sky. It feels WAY more fitting. ;o)