Friday, December 14, 2007

Maybe she's born with it....

maybe it's Maybelline. Anyone remember this commerical? Or am I the only oldie in the group? Anyhoo, tonight the softball team got together and gave my daughter, Maddy, and I some really nice gifts. They gave Maddy an engraved photo frame with a picture of Jess and Kelli. My good friend also took 10 men to the jewelry store to get me a mother's ring, which oh my gawd made me cry. It is beautiful - it's a split setting with two garnets for Kelli and Maddy and a pearl in the middle for Jessica. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness for these awesome friends of mine. My point about the Maybelline is that I didn't wear mascara because I had a feeling they'd make me cry. In a good way. And they did. I went to the bathroom and I still had racoon eyes. Ah hell, who cares?

Last night was Kelli's cheerleading Christmas party and I took Maddy. I got Kelli's cheerleading picture, which was taken about three weeks before she died. She's just gorgeous in the picture. And it's not just a mom's opinion - the child was beautiful. Ask me - I'll tell you.

This weekend is cheer competition in Mt. Vernon and Maddy and I are going to go and cheer the cheerleaders. I booked a room at the Holiday Inn that overlooks the pool area. It's an hour away but the thought of getting a hotel room and just getting away from here for a couple of days is pretty nice. I think we need a mini-vacay.

Anyway, the kindness of everyone is so overwhelming to me right now. Sometimes the mention of my name reminds a sales clerk of what happened. It's not easy to say "Yeah, that was my girls", but at the same time, the fact that people remember and say "I'm sorry" is sweet.

Thank you, to everyone, for your thoughts, prayers, well wishes and encouragement. I am so thankful to all of you.

Okay, i'ts 2:51 in the morning and I'm done. Must go night night now.


Anonymous said...

I remember those commercials. I used to always add, "Maybe she's airbrushed."

Sounds like you have some kick butt friends. That mother's ring sounds beautiful, too.

Good luck this weekend at the cheer competition, and pamper yourself a little bit on your mini-vacay. Maybe get a facial for that airbrushed look. :)


Anonymous said...

The mother's ring was an awesome idea - I bet it's beautiful :)

Jakki said...

Lord, I have so much pride in you as if we were best friends...I can hear 'read' the struggle for normalcy but what is normal anymore??...

Hey, staying in a hotel room...sounds like a plan to me.

Christian's Mom said...

Enjoy your time away and I agree with Andrea, a facial sounds awesome, even if you and Maddy pick up the facial supplies at WalMart, take them with you and have girls' night at your hotel!

You really do have some great friends, and now you have lots more friends that you've never even met! There's a whole crew of us that are pulling for you. Enjoy your weekend with Maddy!

Jennie said...

Oh, wow. I read Mamalogues and she suggested we send you some love. I heard this story and I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers have been with you since that day. My mother works near there and told me about it.

Your friends sound amazing and the ring sounds beautiful.

Lioness said...

I'm speechless. I know nothing I can say will make a difference. But my sanity was once saved by the kindness of those in my computer, and even though I know that nothing I say will change anything, I also know how important it is to know that those we lost will be remembered, even if by strangers. Sometimes especially if by strangers.

Jess and Kelli will be remembered. I'm so sorry.