Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love and More Love

One of my blogging buddies, Janet, does a Love/Hate blog every so often. I thought, with this being the Day O'Love, I'd do a variation on theme and call it Love/Love More.

Love: That the sun is shining today
Love More: It is supposed to be above freezing, too. Score!

Love: Chocolate
Love More: Caramel-filled chocolate Ghiradelli bites

Love: Roses
Love More: The two(!) dozen deep pink roses that currently adorn my desk

Love: That I'm off tomorrow
Love More: That I'm off Monday, too

Love: Taking a hair color chance that works
Love More: Taking a hair color and highlight chance that works (it was a bit tense last night!)

Love: My Maddy
Love More: My Maddy when she opens her Crayola Cutter and says "YES! I love it!" (Whew!)

Love: Having someone to love on Valentine's Day
Love More: Having someone to love every day

Tell me your Love/Love More.


The Real Kidd said...

Ah, the flowers are soooo pretty!

And, do we get to see the new hair color?

Oh, and I love/love more my hubby. He is my GERBEN! (inside joke) sorry. *grin*

Happy love/love more day!

Marriage-101 said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Why haven't I heard more about this new man?

PS send me your email. I wanted to copy you on note about the next gathering.

MP said...

those are so sweet!!

I can't think of any right now..but those are awesome!

janet said...

great list! the flowers are so pretty!

Stephanie said...