Monday, February 25, 2008

Three Truths - Four Lies - Answers Revealed

Congratulations to Jeannette - she got it in one. Her award is forthcoming.

1. I have never watched an episode of Survivor - True. I never understood reality TV and the only thing I know about Survivor is that Richard Hatch didn't pay his taxes.

2. I have never travelled outside the US - False. When I was three we took the ferry to Canada from Washington. I also went to Cancun a few years ago without the husband or children and it was heavenly.

3. I cut my brother out of a tree - True. When I was younger my dad would take my brother and I out on the weekends to cut down trees and then split them for firewood. Our house had two fireplaces and we used them to help heat the house. So my dad would cut down the tree, and then my brother would walk up the trunk of the fallen tree with a smaller chainsaw and cut off the branches, while I used another chainsaw to cut the trunk into managable pieces that my dad would then split. One day my dad cut down a tree and when it fell up the hill, the trunk gradually sloped upward. My brother was up in the top of it, about 6-8 feet off the ground. I warned him that I was about ready to finish cutting the trunk and he needed to get out of there before I cut, but he was being a shitass and said "go ahead" and so I cut the trunk and the top of the tree dropped straight down and he fell out. How we survived our childhood I still don't know.

4. I won a beauty pageant - False. When I was two my mom entered me into the Boone County Fair baby beauty contest and I took third. I guess I failed the swimsuit competition. Damn diaper butt.

5. I have watched every episode of Melrose Place. True. I even gave birth to Maddy during an episode and I watched that one in between pushes. Melrose was on Mondays from 7-8 and Maddy was born at 8:10 pm. I was able to give my full attention to the baby after Melrose was over. I still will watch the reruns on Soap Network. It was a cheesy show but I loved it. I wanted to name Maddy after Amanda and I was told Hell no.

6. I was named after a famous Texan - False. My brother, Travis, is named for Colonel William Travis, the Texas Army Commander at the Alamo.

7. I have sung the national anthem at a professional sporting event - False. Unless you count singing along with the crowd at the ball game. I would like to do this someday, because I know all the words and I promise not to go all Roseanne on it.

Thanks for playing!


MP said...

Melrose Place...I LOVED that show, maybe even more than 90210. I was so in love w/ Andrew Shue, Dr Mike and had a major girl crush on Allison.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Loved your quiz, but the answer-revealing part was much more entertaining. (#4 - LMFAO!)

Congratulations, Self! You passed the Pop Quiz with flying colors!

Yeah, me!