Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Bites - The Ash Wednesday Edition

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lent season. Those of us who are Catholic are supposed to give up something from now until Easter. I gave up saying bad words. Maddy gave up saying shut up and other rude phrases. The deal is for every violation we put a quarter in the jar. We'll count the money at Easter and probably go to Hawaii. You will notice I already have a quarter in my jar - I said damn at dinner. Although in my defense, she was being a brat and made me say it. I think she should pay the quarter.


Just a suggestion - if you are going to drive a muscle car with V8 plastered all over it, please do something other than 58 in the fast lane. If you don't MOVE, I will wind up putting $20 in my violation jar. mmmmkay?


Valentine's Day is a week from tomorrow. A faithful reader asked if Maddy and I had plans. Maddy has gymnastics and I have an appointment for a haircut. We're so glamorous.


Last week's freaky weather has jump started my spring fever. I'm planning my flower beds, and I'm even shopping for patio furniture, since the XHB has the original set. I even want to MOW. I've got it bad.


Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say Hey. I'm doing good, I appreciate you checking on me. It means a lot.


Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

You're hilarious! I'm going to steal your idea and start a swear jar, but make James pay every time he makes me cuss.

A Buns Life said...

I do pretty good about not cussing as long as the kids are around and I'm NOT drinking. If they aren't and I AM....OH BOY! That jar would be filled real quick.

janet said...

If I knew that cursing 1,000 times would win me a trip to Hawaii I'd do it too :)

Lefty Lawyer said...

Hey! Just found your blog through Andrea and Lorraine.

For Valentine's Day, I have a date with a much younger boy. My 9 month old kuvasz puppy, Biggie, is getting neutered.

Hmm. What does that say about my life with my husband?

Nancy R said...

Hey, my daughter has gymnastics on Thursday nights too - HA! In addition, the oldest has a girl scout meeting, and it's 1st grade parents night to work at the school concession stand.

Hot and steamy, eh?

red pen mama said...

I came over here from Fretting the Small Stuff, and I just wanted to "say hey". I couldn't read too much -- I lost a son, and I know how awful it is. Our circumstances differ, but the loss of a child is a loss.

Good luck with Lent! I gave up cursing one year, and I did terrible behind the wheel. I should have given myself a "fine". I would have raked it in...