Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Bites - The Valentine's Eve Edition

Friendly reminder, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Just in case you live in a cave and have missed all the jewelry, flower, chocolate and restaurant ads, or the shiny red foil hearts EVERYWHERE. I've seen houses that are decorated. Seriously? When did this become a light-up-your-house holiday? Or did they just hang red and clear lights at Christmas and figured they'd use them again?


I'm not running on St. Patrick's Day now. Instead, I'm doing this. Today was my first day of training. Yeah, I know, it's two weeks away, but I'm taking someone's place. I went 19 floors, just under halfway. I also walked back down. That was a killer. By the time I got to the lobby my legs were shaking. I was quite impressed that I made it as far as I did. I should be all the way to the top in no time. (NOTE - if you'd like to donate, either a general donation, or specifically to my team, please do. It's for a great cause, and it's tax deductible. I'm on the Senniger Powers Nosmo Kings team. Isn't that a clever name? I had nothing to do with it.)


Why am I not running? I'm trading my running shoes for my racing shoes - I'll be here. It's hard to convey my utter and complete excitement in this forum but if we ever meet and you ask me about it, I'll start jumping up and down and speaking in tones only dogs can hear. Because that's how excited I am. Did I mention I'm excited? Dude, I'm totally stoked. I've been to Gateway here and that's a blast but OHMYGAWD this is a whole 'nother level. And a whole 'nother blog idea.


I'm getting Maddy this for Valentine's Day. Apparently it was on her Christmas list, and "Santa" missed it. It was also mentioned as a potential birthday gift but again, I missed it. I hope she still wants it now.


Here's wishing you a Happy Heart Day. I leave you with this.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!!! That looks like sooooooooo much fun climbing those never ending stairs. I alway take the steps at work, just don't hang on to the rails (good way to catch nasty things). Goood luck, I am cheering for you,
Happy Valentine' day to you and your daughter!!!

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Love your V-Day card! That's hilarious!

And I'll be buying one of those paper-cutting things for myself. It looks much safer than my exacto knife.