Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's Blog is Brought to You By the Numbers 3 and 6, and the Letter D

While I was home last Thursday during the ice storm and bird invasion, I watched daytime TV. Which generally sucks. However, I did watch Tyra Banks' show. I don't normally watch talk shows, but hers was about breasts and how 70% of women wear the wrong bra size and that she can't find a decent sports bra. She even had a woman on there who was the Royal Bra Fitter to Queen Elizabeth. I'm not kidding. What a job.

Ms. Royal Bra Fitter explained how to measure for a proper size, and then she took women from the audience of all different sizes and explained how their bras didn't fit, and then she fitted them with a new one, and showed how the right bra really makes a difference.

I was under the assumption that I was a 36C. I mean, I have been that size since high school and nothing on my body has changed since then, right? It's not as if I've gained and lost weight or had kids or just got older and gravity has been wreaking havoc. So I would buy that size and most of time I would be yanking it down, or pulling up the shoulder strap, or falling out of it if I bent over. Did I ever go buy a different size? Of course not. It was the bra's fault. I'd buy a different brand and sometimes that solved the problem, but oftentimes not.

So why did it take me almost 20 years to finally get properly measured? I don't know. I love lingerie and love buying matching bras and panties. I love wearing fun stuff under my clothes, it's like my own little personal thrill for the day. Maybe deep down I was scared that I wasn't going to be in the cutesy sizes anymore, that I'd have to wear those huge white Playtex CrossYourHeart grandma bras with four hooks and 3 inch wide straps, and I wouldn't be able to find cute panties to go with it, and I might as well just chuck it all in and pack up for the old folks' home. And yes, I know they make pretty bras in larger sizes but they just look so, huge. Like you could drape them over a tent pole and shelter a family of four.

So after being inspired by Tyra's show and seeing cute bras in larger sizes, I got measured. Lo and behold, I'm a 36D. I actually found some cute Maidenform bras, and matching unmentionables, and it is amazing the difference it has made. No more yanking or falling out or straps falling off or uncomfortable wire poking or back fat. My clothes fit better, no more buttons gapping or unsightly pooching under my arms.

Here is the measuring chart I used. It has two different ways to measure, and is also for women who have lost a breast to cancer.

So ladies, if you are yanking it down or pulling it up or falling out or notice sometimes you have four boobs (where the bra cuts into the breast about an inch below the top and gives you those cute little top boobs), go get measured. You can even have a friend do it, or you could have your husband or significant other help you, but make sure they don't get distracted. Then, go get the right size bra. It's a life-changing experience. Plus you get to go shopping - BONUS!!


MP said...

I need to remeasure..I lost some weight. I have 1 bra that fits..but then I have 2 different sized boobs too. I yank and pull at the other ones. I have undies i love a smaller size but then I forget what they are all the time, I think they are hipsters.. I can only wear cotton. CAN is a harsh word..I only LIKE cotton.

Raquita said...

my life is brought by the Numbers 4 and 2 and hte letter J - yeah...
and back excercises.. lots of back work..

She who said...


Yes, and I would be honored to hold your hand. Just tell me when and where.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the reminder/public service announcement. I was once measured at a Victoria's Secret, but that was a long time ago. I do a lot of tugging and you just reminded me that it's not normal and I should get a good-fitting bra already!!