Thursday, January 17, 2008


the organized junk drawer. It's so beautiful.

I'm so proud of me. It only took about 45 minutes. I was under the gun because I had to pick up Maddy from church.

I found 10 (TEN!) big pads of post-its, 7 of which were in various stages of use. I found about a dozen little pads. I have a serious post-it note addiction.
Also resurfacing from the abyss were a bazillion pens, the pencil sharpener, a birthday card Jessica gave me last year (*sniff*), Maddy and Kelli's report cards (*sniff sniff*), a post-it(!) with the phone number of Kelli's cheer coach that we were frantically looking for in October, four undeveloped disposable cameras (two of which I know are Kelli's), phone numbers I wrote down in haste during the first few days after the accident and misplaced, and various paperclips, binder clips, screws, and other, well, junk.

I have a huge sense of accomplishment. All is organized and easy to see, locate and RETURN TO ITS PLACE!

Maddy opened the drawer and asked "Wow! So, how long will it stay like this?" I said, "as long as we put things back where they came from, we should keep it neat." I actually said it with a straight face and all intentions of keeping it neat. 24 hours later, it's still neat.

Baby steps, people.


Frogdancer said...

It's as if we've both posted at the same time, but talking about the complete opposite things.

You've been so productive!!!!

I haven't..... I only rationalised..... *sniff*

Marriage-101 said...

Hey you did it! Way to go!

MP said...

Very nice..and you are right..keeping it that way is key. Hubby realized he has a clothes drawer he didn't realize he had in the bedroom..I think I may now know what happened to the underware he can't find!

Zookeeper said...

That's inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

Angie said...

I too have a serious case of post-it-itous. I love 'em! Congrats on the organization, I envy you.

Nancy R said...

It's beautiful! And you have a photo to refer back to when/if it goes astray...

Lynn said...

Hey the drawer, I'm so proud of you! You probably had a post-it reminding you to do it, you can throw that one away now :)

And if you would like me to get those pics developed for you, I would love to do that for you. Or at least be there when you pick them up.

I love ya.

mnn said...

that's too funny....i say that because every house i've lived in had that one "singular" drawer where all miscellaneous things went!
and mine looked like that after i organized. good luck keeping it, but i think you'll make it. i have high hopes for you.
i wish i had the talent to organize like some people.
i saw your picture, very pretty lady you are. and your girls too. thank you for sharing. i started reading you in st. louis, now i'm on the east coast.
it's cold, haven't seen much of anything. let's see how it goes. pray for me. you are in my thoughts.