Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Days

I woke up at 7:40 am, thinking, holy crap, did the power go out? I set my alarm...oh hell, I forgot to re-set it from yesterday. Crap, I'm late.

I wake up Maddy and we rush around, and get out the door about 20 minutes late. As we're leaving, I put on my (adorably cute and purchased on sale!) short trench coat and riiiiippp - I somehow managed to rip the underarm. Crap squared. Maddy said it wasn't bad, so out the door we go.

I have a gift card for Macy's, so I planned to run over on my lunch break and see what I could find, and maybe grab some of their fabulous French Onion Soup. The weather today is drizzly, windy and just plain raw out there. Soup would be good.

I got to Macy's about 11:15 and almost yanked my arm out of the socket - the doors were locked. Hmmmm. There's a small sign, probably 5 inches square, that says they're closed until noon for their huge clearance sale. Well, crap to the third. I went to the BBQ place and had a sandwich and dirty rice. Not soup, but still nice. As I was putting on my coat to leave, it ripped some more. Crap quattro.

On my way back, I had to get something out of my car, so I went to the parking garage. I took the stairs, since I'm not able to run tonight. I looked and didn't see my car, so I went up another flight. Nope. I knew I wasn't up that high, so I went back down. Didn't see it. I hate hate hate HATE losing my car in a parking garage. I finally found it - on the level I was originally on, I just didn't look far enough down the row. Blind crap.

It's only 12:45, so there's plenty of time for this day to turn around. Doubtful, but possible.


Becky said...

I'll be an optimist for you, you had a hot lunch and your car wasn't stolen! Take a deep breath and I hope your day gets a little less hetic!

Gregg said...

See, I knew my day was going to turn out that way, so I pre-emptively stayed home.

Fortunately, my work schedule for the day allowed it!

Linlee said...

You are the 4th person that I've heard overslept this morning. I actually did too! I woke up at 7:00 and I typically leave by 7:15. I had to get myself and my 6 month old daughter ready in 15 mins!!! I actually made it to work on time.
Oh and Famous does have the best onion soup!

MP said...

Oh man!! I hate parking garages..I had to park at Keil while I was done at jury duty..I guess the stairs were good excercise. Did you find a new jacket?