Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Party Pics

As promised, here are pictures from Maddy's birthday:

The Haul

OMG! A bike! (I hid it in the kitchen)

Yes, she rode it in the house.

She also got a Razr scooter. It was 16 degrees, but she didn't care.

The bowling girls

After my presents and her birthday party presents, I believe she has 942 Webkinz and 84 Nintendo DS games. I might exaggerate a bit, but not much.


Michelle said...

Too Cute!!!
My son LUVs his webkins also...they seem to be the new rage.
Thanks for sharing.

Frogdancer said...

Don't thay just love birthdays.

My kids are the same, but with Wii and playstation games. Too much is never enough, it seems.

Frogdancer said...

Oops. Speeling nistake. Sorry.

MP said...

I LOVE the outdoor scooter picture!! Great!

Looks like a fun party!!..girls and giggling and pointing at boys..cause I'm sure that they like them..but the boys don't like the girls..am I right? Are things still the same?

I know my 8 year old step son doesn't care what the girls think yet. He will and I dread that day.

So Barbies are done..when do girls outgrow Barbies? I'm 41 and I still love Barbies and would play with them if I could. But what else was their in the stone ages? books, 45's and Barbies..OH and Pong! LOL

Nancy R said...

Wow, one of the girls in the bowling pic looks like my oldest!

Build A Bear is now doing the online thing with it's animals too.

Looks like fun party and a great haul!

Jen said...

My youngest had a bowling birthday party several years ago and she still talks about it. It's one of her favorite memories. It looks like Maddy and her friends had fun! :)