Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Maddy's 9th birthday. Officially, she's not 9 until about 8:00 p.m., so yesterday she was singing "Tomorrow I'm 9 at 8, I'm 9 at 8." It was quite cute.

Shhhh, don't tell her, but I bought her a bike. It's a red Mongoose bike with pegs. She wanted a bike with pedal brakes so she could powerslide. She picked it out, and when I pointed out it was a boy's bike she said, "So?" as in "What, girls can't ride boy's bikes?" Oookay, sorry, dude, my mistake.

She also wanted a Razr scooter. My friend bought her that. I also have checked and I have kick-ass insurance. I'm going to need it. I also bought her a lovely pink helmet. She is a girl, really.

I also bought her a new outfit, and some Webkinz. Since she has most of the household pets, we're starting on farm animals. I bought the cow and horse.

Finally I found a really good deal on this bathrobe from American Eagle. She likes to wear my big terrycloth robe, but it's so huge on her. This one has a hood. I'm jealous.

She's having her birthday party tomorrow at the bowling alley. I'll post pics on Monday.

Happy Birthday Madelyn! (note the organized junk drawer!)


Jen said...

I love the pink and white polka dots - very cute. Happy Birthday Maddy!

MP said...

Ooooo Happy Happy Birthday..tell her the "internet people" say HI!

Great gifts too! My stepson loves webkinz..the little stuffed animal cult..isn't it? That and Club Penguin. LOL

Have fun at the bowling alley!!

Gregg said...

"Internet People" sounds kind of the "TV People" in Poltergeist... I like it!

See now, girls have the advantage when it comes to activities. If they want to do a traditionally boy thing, that's fine, but if a boy wants a traditionally girl thing...that's not!

Of course, some of those things become cool once you are grown. For example, I always wanted to cook with my mom. When I was growing up, this was still pretty much a "girl" thing. However, now I'm a good cook, and it is COOL for an adult male to be able to cook.

I also did embroidery (my grandmother did it and I wanted to, of course), sewing (didn't keep up on either of these items, but I made some of my own clothes as a kid), and other similar things.

Now that my family is heavily involved in musicals, if I had kept up on sewing, that would be a good talent to have!

Jaelithe said...

Oh, she is so cute in that pic. Happy Birthday!

Katy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!!! My daughter's name is Madelyn too! I think it is such a beautiful name! :)