Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cyber-Doctor is In

Have you ever gone to WebMD and scared the hell out of yourself? Once, Maddy complained that her neck hurt. She also felt warm. I log on, enter the symptoms and OMG! MENINGITIS! AAAAAHHHH! Yeah, she was fine. She slept wrong.

I can't hear out of my right ear. It's been clogged all week, and it's ringing. It doesn't hurt...yet. I've tried popping it, using the earwax removal rinse, and doing the "hold your nose and blow" thing. That gave me a headache. Nothing worked. It's annoying to have to say "huh?" or keep the talker on my left side.

I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday. It's probably drainage from my allergies that's gommed up in there. But just for fun, I went to WebMD. I could have a blocked eustachian tube, or possibly an ear infection. It might be airplane ear but since I haven't been on plane since August...I think not. I was surprised that I didn't have scurvy, or a brain tumor? How boring.

Go to WebMD and enter a symptom. You could have anything. For example, "dry cough" turns up whooping cough, the flu, or acid reflux. Seriously? Acid reflux? Huh. Who knew? (If you have acid reflux and a dry cough, then you knew and I apologize).

Don't get me wrong, I've used WebMD in other cases and it's helped. Overall, I think it's a great resource. However, I wonder how many times a doctor's office receives a panicked call from some freaked-out patient who has misdiagnosed from WebMD?


MP said...

OK..this is hyterical cause I have done the SAME exact thing. I have MS...I've had a stroke..all kinds of things..all have ended up NOTHING :-)
I can tell you though when I do have a I have this funky eye's a GREAT place to gather information.
I'll place a wager that you my dear have a kick ass sinus infection!!
Have a good weekend!!

Lynn said...

You'd never believe the things I've convinced myself I had only to find out I had a cold :) We are way too much alike my dear.

wamda said...

advise from my doctor- do not research on the internet. Betting you have sinus infection or ear infection. Good luck to you !! PS I am new to your blogg and I am hooked. Thank god for your youngest daughter. I cried today as I read your history with your daughters. I will read daily on your progress.

Marriage-101 said...

Ear infections are going around. The entire family of a woman I work with had it just last week.