Thursday, October 9, 2008

But Wait, There's More!

I am a sucker for infomercials. I love watching them, especially the really cheesy ones. Although Billy Mays does scare me sometimes. Do you think he talks to his family that way? "LOOK AT THIS!"

I've bought a few products over the years. Oxyclean does live up to some of its claims, Orange Glo does make hardwood shine like new, and I hear the Handy Switch is pretty cool.

When I saw this product, I did some research to see if it really did what it claimed. The internet reviews were favorable (because the internet don't lie, people), and after I found an online coupon, I ordered it.

It arrived within 3-4 days, in all its green jelly plastic glory. I don't look exactly like the picture (that model must be a freak of nature), but it does work, and it does what it claims on TV.

Oh, what is it, you ask?


(See how her toes stick all the way out through the holes? Wowzers, she must climb trees with those.)

I wear heels all the time. I've worn heels since high school and I know one day I won't be able to anymore so I'm wearing them while I can. I admit it, I am a shoe addict, so what of it? There are worse things to be.

I put on my Yoga Toes at night for about 10-15 minutes and they really help stretch out my toes after being cramped up in my heels all day. Not that I wear uncomfortable shoes just to look good. Who does that?

So, if you wear heels or shoes that cramp your toes in the toe box, I highly recommend this product. Do an online coupon search - I found a coupon for $15 off. Some reviewers mentioned finding a 50% coupon, but I wasn't that lucky. However, if you and two friends order, then it's 3 for $99, a savings of $16.95 each.

I wonder how many calories these things burn?

This has been an unpaid message for Yoga Toes.


Lisa said...

I didn't know a product like that existed until your review. How cool!

Nancy R said...

Hmmm, I haven't seen that one either.

The one that really creeps me out is the Ped-Egg. I was completely slack-jawed during my first (and last) viewing of that infomercial. I still can't believe they show the woman emptying it in the trashcan!

I want to try those water globe things - you know, that hand-blown glass things used to keep your plant watered? Santa might bring me those this year.

Michelle said...

I just ordered some yoga-toes from I put your website down when asked where I heard about these so maybe you'll get some perks. I also found a coupon code online for $15.00 off at (yea me!)

bee said...

Be careful, making fun of those toes. I have toes like those...

Kelli said...

I've seen those things advertised and always wondered if they really worked!