Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

One of the perks of blogging is meeting new people. Another perk is getting free stuff. I'm so happy to have met all the lovely ladies and gents that blog around these parts, but free stuff is pretty cool too.
Maddy and I were invited a recent event at the Build a Bear store at the Galleria in St. Louis. To coincide with the opening of High School Musical 3 (which is pretty good), Maddy was able to build a HSM3 bear, complete with outfit. I was also given a $25 gift card to give away on my blog.

We had a great time. The Bear Builders were wonderful, they really made it fun for the kids. I also got to meet Maxine, the Chief Executive Bear, and I scored an autographed copy of her book! Bonus!

All the moms and kids with Maxine (she's in the red jacket in the center, Maddy is next to her on the right, and I'm above Maddy)

Maddy can now add Gabriella the HSM3 Bear to her ever-expanding collection. Gabriella joins Buddy the Army Bear, Scruffy, a Clydesdale (now dressed in soccer clothes), and two angel bears named Jessica and Kelli.

Now, I've been trying to figure out how to decide who wins. I could ask you to tell me a story about what you'd do with the gift card and pick the best story. I could ask you to send me a picture of you standing on your head and pick the one that was the straightest. I could ask you to tell me a joke and whoever makes me laugh the hardest gets it. If all else fails, we could resort to the random number drawing.

So, dear readers, here's the way to win: you tell me how you think I should award it. Whoever has the most original idea wins the card, and I'll use it to award any future giveaways, with proper credit, of course. It's a win-win!

The contest is open until Saturday, and I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Impress me....

UPDATE: Congratulations to Joy, who had the best idea (based on the commentor's comments, too). Enjoy, Joy! Let us know what you do with it, and how you pay it forward.


Frogdancer said...

How about the commenter who lives the furthest away?
Or the one who speaks in an accent that Americans find it impossible to duplicate authentically?


Joy Hayward said...

I think you should give it to a person who will "pay it forward" and do something nice for someone else. That should be a condition - whoever wins, has to do a good deed for someone else! It just makes the world a better place!

Nancy R said...

It's late and I've got nuttin'.

Looks like a cool event though! E2 has a $5 birthday coupon from BAB that expires Friday and we've got a trip to the mall planned. She's had her eye on the gymnastics outfit they had out during the Olympics - are those still there? However, if she sees the HSM stuff she may well be swayed!

We're hoping to squeeze in a movie viewing this weekend.

Ah, still no great award ideas...just the usual random number generator comes to mind.

She Who said...

Brain dead, can't think of a thing to suggest. Must get coffee.

Lisa! said...

How about whoever has the oldest stuffed lovie in their possession? I still have a clown - his name is Charlie - that my dad bought for me while my mom was still pregnant with me...and I just turned 46! He is worn and missing pom poms and his fingers look chewed on but he has been with me everywhere.

Marrdy said...

My youngest son has a Build A Bear he calls Phillip the very preppy kitty. He's such a funny kid.

I cannot think of anything creative for your give away but I have to agree with Joy. Pay It Forward would be great, especially since it would be coming from you. Someone who inspires me every time I stop by!

Meesh said...

You could always donate to the Crisis Nursery as a Christmas present. My family and I are adopting a family this year and are doing this through the Crisis Nursery.

Marie said...

Okay--so I read the title and thought you had won a chicken dinner somewhere... :) So, in keeping with my complete confusion, how about a contest to see who comes up with the best chicken recipe?

Kristen said...

I was going to suggest something, but after I read joy hayward's I've decided to just support that idea. It could spark a chain reaction of good deeds - what's better than that?

hotomom said...

Just wanted to say hi. This isn't an entry. I just gave mine away today and was a little sad to not have it sitting around staring at me anymore, Oh well. I loved your post and good luck to your winner.

Joy said...

YAY! I'm so excited! I will try to think of a great way to "pay it forward" and let you know what I come up with!