Friday, October 31, 2008

The Moving Plan

It's official - we close on our new house on December 1. In keeping with my anal-retentative list-making tendencies, I have drafted The Moving Plan. Let me know what you think.

November 1-30 - pack our asses off, with intermittent bouts of yelling, panic and infighting.

December 1 - close on house, continue panic, fighting and general yelling.


Nah, seriously, here's the time line:

Nov 1-2 - start organized packing by room, neatly wrapping and labeling the boxes. Implement color-coding system: Red - unpack immediately; Blue - unpack next; Green - unpack when you can't find it in the red or blue box.

November 3 - continue packing in an organized manner. Congratulate self on being calm and serene. Get your first paper cut.

November 4 - attend inspection, get fence estimates and carpet measurements. Pass out at costs of fence and replacing lovely mauve carpet. Consider 30 foot leashes for the dogs and painting the carpet.

November 5-7 - continue packing. Realize that something important was packed on November 3 but can't remember where it is. Unpack four boxes, then discover it UNDER a box, not in a box. Swear because you've wasted $17 worth of tape. Scrap the color-coding plan. Receive a box lid cut. Swear because you realize you've packed the band-aids. Wrap finger in newspaper and tape.

November 9-15 - start calling utility companies to move and disconnect old utilities and make arrangements for new ones. Pray that the customer service rep doesn't misunderstand the dates and disconnect current service. Unpack candles and lantern, just in case.

November 17-22 - continue packing. Abandon organized plan and start writing on outsides of boxes what's in them. Realize you have two weeks left and begin to hyperventilate. Debate on whether to completely pack kitchen and eat out for two weeks, or just leave out the basics (paper plates, peanut butter, vodka).

November 23 - cry while packing up Jessica and Kelli's rooms. Start setting aside things to go on the bookcase dedicated solely to their collectibles which will be prominently displayed in the new house. Wish they were there.

November 24-26 - Begin to panic in earnest. Go to my dad's for Thanksgiving and have him reassure me everything will be okay, or at least have him buy me beer.

November 27 - eat, watch football, and drink beer. Enjoy being in a home where there are no boxes stacked to the ceiling.

November 28 - come home to Box Hell.

November 29 - rush around throwing everything that's left into a box. Realize a dog is barking from inside a box. Cut airholes, throw in some food, and put box on the porch. (KIDDING!)

November 30 - pick up moving truck, load furniture, swear at each other, drop something and break it. Blame the other.

December 1 - sign papers on new house, go into debt, unload truck, knock hole in wall of new house. Blame the other.

So? Is this plan a bit too ambitious?


Raquita said...

a great plan - but you forgot the nifty packing party that you throw so I can come drink and trip over box-a-ploza 08

Frogdancer said...

After reading that, I'm never moving again!

Becca said...

I just moved (cities, with a toddler and newborn!) and I can't even read your list. Raquita's idea sounds good though.

Good luck!

Jill of All Trades said...

Sounds great. Congrats and get some Aleve on hand for your aching feet and back.

Gail said...

Having moved 600 miles last year (June 07 GA to IL), I really enjoyed your realistic attitude! It will be just as you say... JUST KIDDING. We actually moved twice because we rented for 3 months while we built our house, then we moved again (Sept 07). And the house we rented didn't have a stove! Lots of microwaving, outdoor grilling, an electric skillet and George Foreman! Really though if you are as organized as 'moi', all will go fine. You seem to already realize that there will be a few bumps along the way and your sense of humor will get you through them.
My "important stuff in this box" code was to simply put an "X" on the box. (no changing from red to blue to green markers - which you'll misplace all the time anyway - just stick with basic black) I wrote which room it was to go to and on some of the "X" boxes I'd actually put what important thing(s) was in that box. Such as the toaster! But then the things you'll need the first day will be the last things you'll pack because you'll be using them right up to the last day at the old house. I hope you have great help. We had 26 family members show up on moving day. They were our 26 reasons for moving "home" after retirement.
Best wishes and I look forward to watching the move through your blog.

Marrdy said...

You are too funny. Our house is up for sale and I am hoping it doesn't sell. I understand that selling and moving is a big cause of divorce and I kinda like my hubby!! Good luck with all that packing. Brush up on your swear words.

Susan said...

hahahahaha, good blog kim. great sense of humor. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Just don't forget to vote on the 4th!!!

Shutter Bitch said...

Sounds about right.

Don't forget about cutting yourself on those broken glasses as you're unpacking.

Might want to invest in some gauze.

MaLeah said...

Love the packing plan! Just thinking about moving still gives me nightmares and it has been a year and a half since I moved last. Hopefully, it will be a long time. But, a new house is so exciting! Keep us updated on the progress!