Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boots and Chaps and Cowboy Hats

While in Texas this past weekend, we went to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. In all my years of living near and/or visiting the Dallas Metroplex, I have never been there. I highly recommend going, if you're in the area. These are the actual stockyards that the longhorns were herded to and loaded up on trains headed to St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. They have restored the holding pens, the train depot now houses restaurants and shops, and most of the there businesses on the boulevard date from the early 1900s, like the Stockyards Hotel and Fincher's Western Wear, where there is a bar in the store. I may do all my future shopping there.

Let me tell you - it was a blast. It was also like a blast furnace - it was HOT. The high on Saturday was 98. But there was a breeze, so if you did burst into flames they'd be blown out by the wind.

What did we do? I think the question is what didn't we do:

Maddy rode a longhorn; rode a horse; ate some mesquite-smoked ribs; saw a cattle drive; got a cowboy hat; got a charm bracelet; got a western shirt and boots; two-stepped at Billy Bob's; sat on a saddle barstool and had a drink at the bar of the Stockyards Hotel; and, had a good ol' time.

Meanwhile, I took her picture on a longhorn and on a horse; ate barbecued bologna (yes, it was good); bought her a cowboy hat, bracelet, shirt and boots; danced with her at Billy Bob's; sat on the saddle next to her at the bar, and watched her have a good ol' time.

And that was just Saturday during the day.

Watch this space for Saturday night and Sunday's festitivies. I'll be uploading the 9,487 pictures on Flickr later tonight.


Katrina said...

sounds fun! and Yes, BBQ Bologna is GOOD! =)

Anonymous said...

loved the pictures! Personally I like fried bologna..so I would think BBQ would be good.