Tuesday, July 22, 2008


OMG! My BFF Lynn and I are taking our kids to see the Jonas Brothers tonight. We are the coolest moms EVAH. They are playing at Riverport (which is actually Verizon but that's another rant), so we will spread out our blankets under the (surprisingly cool) night sky and enjoy the musical stylings of Kevin, Joe and Nick.

Honestly, I know quite a few JoBros songs. This would be due to Kelli playing her CDs over and over and over. I can actually recognize a few by only hearing the bass line thumping through the ceiling. Yeah, they may be this month's flavor of teeny bopper, but compared to some musical offerings out there (Pussycat Dolls, anyone?), they are a refreshing change of pace.

One of Kelli's favorites is below. I hope she's looking down tonight and not too upset that I let Maddy wear her JoBros t-shirt. (PS - Kelli, it's just until I buy Maddy one of her own).


A Buns Life said...

you are the BEST mom evah. I'll be dragging my kids to see who I want to see NOT who they want to see because I'm the meanest mom evah. bwah ha ha.

Liz said...

Do you remember Hanson? These guys are the equivalent to my Hanson days.

Liz said...

Oh and be on the lookout for Taylor Swift. I hear she's dating of the Jonas Brothers.

She who said...

Hope it is a great time. I heard their interview on the radio this afternoon and they sound like decent kids. Hope so.


mn said...

have fun.
eh, one question: are they middle schoolers???
this is the first time i'm seeing up close or hearing their song, ha.
i dropped in to say hi - hello.