Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Friday...

Oh. My. God. I need this day to be OVER so I can sleep. Or at least get to bed before midnight.

Sleep in tomorrow, you say? Yeah, I wish, but I'm going to the NASCAR race at Gateway. This is an all-day event. We start tailgating at 9:30am, the race is at 8:30pm, and then we go back to the parking lot, crack open the cooler and grill a few brats while we wait for traffic to clear out, and we're home by midnight. We really should try to sell our leftovers this year to people waiting in traffic.

Last night Maddy went to the Muny with Becky and Erika, so Craig and I decided to go to the ball game. We got field box tickets from a scalper for $23 each. Not too bad. The Cardinals won, which is a nice surprise as well. Then we had Casa del Waffle - mmmmm. They have biscuits and gravy now, so it is in my top 10 favorite places on earth.

I asked Maddy about the Muny, and she said it was good "except for Bobblehead, and her sidekick, Fanarama." She explained that "Bobblehead" was the lady in front of her who kept moving her head from side to side in time with the music, and "Fanarama" was the lady next to Bobblehead who kept fanning and blocking Maddy's view. She is quite descriptive!

Oh! Go check out my first-ever blog-sitting job at Andrea's. I hope I didn't forget to lock the door and turn out the light.

Enjoy your weekend!


Carol said...

I agree with Maddie except mine was umbrellawaverlady. She had a huge black umbrella which she raised and waved in time to the music. It was worse when she stood up as her posterior was as wide as the umbrella. At this point she completely blocked the stage. This was a High school Musical. My daughter is short anyway and this just completely blocked her view of the stage. I couldn't think of a great name like Maddie did, but I had the same problem. I wish people would try to be a little more considerate of others. Other than that we enjoyed the show.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

I love Gateway! Though I'm more of a drag-racing girl, myself.

Frogdancer said...

You have an award. I hope it goes with your decor. If not, just stash it in a cupboard.

minniemama68 said...

I would love to go to 2 sporting events in one week.

Go Cubs!!!!